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  1. Are you from the UK, Europe and Asia, the USA or another country outside of South Africa?
  2. Do you require visa and / or immigration services to work, own a business, join a S.A.partner or relative, extend your visit, retire or study in South Africa? (All visas types are here)To guarantee maximum efficiency and legal compliance you wish to engage the services of a long-established and reputable immigration consultancy?

MIT Business College is the country’s premier provider of immigration and visa services for South Africa.

MIT Business College specialised focus on visa applications and immigration services for South Africa is backed by management’s 7 years of experience and a distinguished success record regarding all visa processes. Our team of immigration consultants is led by qualified lawyers and immigration practitioners registered with the Department of Home Affairs in South Africa.

Find out more about tour services, visa categories, about the management or corporate solutions being the right choice. You are also welcome to contact us directly; our dedicated agents look forward to hearing from you! 

Studies & Education in South Africa

Persons wishing to attend school, university or other institutions of learning in this country can obtain a South African study visa. The studies need not be full-time, and holders of a study visa for higher education may take up part-time work of up to 20 hours per week. Amongst the requirements introduced in May 2014 are that only studies at schools registered in a particular way qualify, and that students need to provide medical aid cover by a provider registered in South Africa. Please contact MIT Business College for further details in this regard and exceptions to this rule. Study visas are now issued for up to 5 / 8 years, case depending (previously 3).

Vocational Training, Internship, Articles, Practical Year

Finding the correct visa category in South African immigration laws for practical work that is part of training or studies has been problematic and hotly debated for years. According to the respective office’s or official’s interpretation of the law and the type and length of the intended activities, an application for a visitor’s (with or without an authorisation to work), exchange,

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